Still bingeing

Hi Brooke….i have been following a protocol and doing very well in that i eat 2x/day….morning fast/no sugar no flour/no snacking with one joy eat per week. While i was rowing down “the-river of misery” i was baffled and confused but once i crossed over…..i got it!! Its so great…just like u said…so freeing! Instead of snacking every night i get my fun from doing new and exciting things….its been great….EXCEPT….every 2 months or so i have a massive binge….i don’t understand why it still happens buts its extremely destructive to me….i consume thousands of calories in a few hours and i really get disappointed in myself. I am not beating myself up at all….just disappointed that it still happens eve.n though most days i have it down to a science and im free of any desire at all. Thank u for your thoughts on this….kerry