Still confused on how long to feel my feelings

Here is an answer you gave me in regards to my question “How long should we feel the feelings?”

You will know when you have “processed” an emotion when it has dissipated from your body–it only takes about 90 seconds of pure emotion for your body to release that emotion. When you keep feeling something and it’s spinning for hours, you know that it is actually your thoughts that are spinning, not that it is taking that long to allow the emotion.

When a new emotion arises, it simply means that a new thought has created it. Give yourself time and space to continue to process it and remind yourself that every thought is optional. When we try to “get them to stop,” it is like saying “don’t think about that white elephant.” So instead of trying to get them to stop, allow them and then replace them with a conscious thought of your choosing.


This part
>>Give yourself time and space to continue to process it and remind yourself that every thought is optional

I’m not clear on how to do that giving my thoughts are coming at a fast pace and producing more and more negative feelings.

My quick thought download went like

“I suck at this, I’m not going to get it, it hurts, I’m sad, I let myself down, I want to cry, it hurts, why are so many things wrong, this house is a mess, we are slowing trashing it, what a waste of money, what a waste of time, etc etc etc”

I have a root thought that I let myself down, that creates feelings and i start noticing everything else that’s wrong in my life and that produces more feelings.

I’m guessing I have to let that root thought have time and space to continue? Right now, trying to do that feels very conscious like I’m outside it saying “ok thought heres your time… go ahead… go… do your thing” like waiting for the dog to go pee.

Now I feel slightly better because I’m writing it and describing it to you but did I let it process or stuff it away and focus on something else?