Still dealing with past sadness and feeling some sense of obligation.

I am struggling with family of origin issues. I have two sisters and a dad who doesn’t live close by. I have tried to have somewhat of a relationship with all of them but it seems very one-sided. People always ask me about them and it’s always the same story. Nothing has changed.

They all live very sad and lonely lives and it appears they are content to live this way. I keep in contact with one sister but there is just so much drama and sadness in her life. None of them want to do things differently. I try to just focus on my hubby and daughter and move on with my life without them.

It makes me sad but I do feel as though I have already mourned the loss of my father (because he has chosen to not be in my life for more than 20 years.) As a Christian I still pray for them but feel like I’m better off without them. I have a great hubby and daughter, a good job, many wonderful friends and relationships in my life. What are your thoughts about this?