Still Hesitating On My Purpose

Dear coaches,
I am new this month to scholars and it’s a big chance to work on Purpose as it has always being a matter of endless existantial questioning for me. I love Brooke’s approach, which helps a lot. But endless questionning is still here.
I started with the purpose to learn, love and enjoy every single day. I truly think that learning, sharing, loving, giving and feeling joy are the most important things in life. I added the daily part because I think I currently live too much in my past or future and want to focus more on the present moment.
This purpose sounds true to me but also a bit easy and passive. I feel I am renouncing to a bolder riskier purpose such as I want to make a difference. This second purpose is more empowering, exicting and driving to me and reflect my secret dream, but it’s also pretentious and designed to fail. Everyone makes a difference by being on Earth but so very few people make a real difference if any. My additionnal worry is that this second purpose reflects some inferiority/superiority complex that I should solve rather than encourage.
I know that you advice to not hesitate but rather decide in order to move foreward. Which I interprets as I should not change my purpose so quickly and stick to the 1st one. Really learning means getting new experiences and showing up anyway. Really enjoying means doing what gives (me) joy, which could end up being the same as « making a difference » anyway.
But I still think I would go for the 2nd one if I dared to.
Can I have your helful opinion on all this?
Thank you very much