Still single, feeling judged

I’ve worked out this model and am stuck on where to go from here. Also, I struggle with my A lines so I welcome any feedback you have there.

C: Date says “You seem delightful, how are you not married yet?”
T: He thinks there’s something wrong with me
F: Judged
A: I get defensive, start explaining myself and my choices, I think “I wish I had a better answer for when this question comes up”, I overshare details of my past relationships in an attempt to show my desirability and prove that I’ve had plenty of chances but for various reasons they didn’t work out, I summon “the story”
R: I make him the judge and jury and I’m the defendant

Questions or suggestions you can ask me to get me working through this would be great as I feel stuck in this model often. I’m having trouble coming up with a new thought. Maybe I should start by asking myself “what does it even mean to have something wrong with me anyway?” Or “What does wrong mean?” Or …that’s all I can come up with and those don’t get me very far. Thanks!