Still trying to figure out how to get the result I want in dating

I understand how to apply the model to my coaching biz, career, finances, other areas of my life but it seems trickier in dating (although I realize that’s just a thought). Here are some before/after models I ran:

C: Dating
T: Men are disappointing.
F: frustrated
A: mope about being single, doubt I’ll meet someone, avoid man, expect the worst from men, avoid showing up
R: Stay single

C: Dating
T: My man is out there and it’s only a matter of time until I meet him.
F: Hopeful
A: continue inner work to become my best self, online date, open-hearted energy, follow my intuition, see men as good and give them the benefit of the doubt (until proven otherwise)
R: Meet and marry my soulmate

I’m not sure where to go from here because the men I’m meeting are disappointing lol. So, if a man disappoints me, do I just keep coming back to the intentional model and remind myself that it’s possible?

Thank you