How to stop biting my nails – stop this stressful thought?

Hi Brooke,

Amongst several bad and emotional habits I have is biting my nails. I managed stopping overeating which also was one of them and tried to apply some of the learnings on biting my nails. But I do not get the result that I am working for.
Here is what I do :
Every time I realize that I am biting my nails, I stop and try to think about what emotion created this action and what thought created this emotion, basically using the model. And then I write an intentional thought model. I have now understood that I compulsively bite my nails whenever I feel stressed because I think that time is running short, that I will not manage my work on time… which is completely irrational because I always do and I am a good planner. So then I use the fact that I am a good planner as a thought to create positive emotion and action. But even though I deeply believe it, it does not work!

When I do not bite my nails, I crave for chocolate (this habit is over) or look at instagram (this one is over as well). But I realize I am still left with the same thoughts despite this self-caching through models. It is so embedded in my belief system that seems very hard to take it out.

Do you have any advice?