Stop going 1 step forward and then stopping

I have a tendency to go one step forward and then one step back or stopping acting when I have a goal.  I’ve tried to do the following model on it and also tried to identify alternative thoughts that could help me change the pattern.  Could you please help me get rid of this pattern ?

C: I’m doing an action to reach my goal
T: I have no guarantee that I am moving in the right direction
F: Hesitant
A: I do actions then I stop then I do actions again then I stop, I spend a lot of time in my head wondering if this is the right action to do instead of doing the action, I don’t try actions that could make me feel uncomfortable
R: I don’t give myself the opportunity to reach my goal

I would like to believe the thought “It will work” but I’m not able to go there today.  So, I’ll try “This action is the best I can identify based on what I know now” or “If I don’t do massively this action, I’ll never know if it’s in the direction of my goal”.