Stop Over-Everythinging

I have applied the overeating, overdrinking to so many areas of my life that I am blowing my own mind. I am currently concentrating on the overeating as I have successfully stopped drinking. Here is where I have applied the principals that have blown my mind. I used to have over 100 colors of nail polish. I would spend hours on Pinterest printing out cool pictures of manicures. I would run out and buy the colors and then inevitable never actually do the manicure because it was too tedious. I’ve constrained down to 10 colors and may even bring that down further. The hours and money I wasted is crazy! I used to do the same thing with meal planning for myself and my family. I would spend hours finding recipes buying the ingredients and then end up with nobody liking the recipe or stuff rotting before I could make it. Crazy wasteful. I have my eating protocol down to a science and I use Home Chef for the rest of the family. I’m saving tons of money and time. I’m loving this. I can see so many areas where I spend hours planning and surfing the net and buying that ended being totally wasteful. I have so much more time now and brain space. Thank you