Stop Overdrinking Course

Hello Coach,

My goal is to stop drinking until I no longer have the desire. Then reevaluate my plan. During this, I’m trying to absorb all the info I can. I have watched:
– The Quick Start skills in So Overdrinking
– All the videos in the Stop Overdrinking Course
– How to drink less webinar
– 3 secrets to stop overdrinking webinar
– Currently working on the Calls in the Overdrinking section

I joined Friday, its Tuesday now. As you can see, I have devoted a lot of time and energy to this. I have maybe 5hrs of video calls left and the 2 Ebooks in this section.

C Gone through majority of material
T I’m not sure if I learned enough
F Anxious
A Finish the materials
R Not drink (Im not convinced of this).

Can you help with making my model more determined? Also, I just want to make sure my C is correct in regards to the material on stopping drinking.