Stop Overdrinking or Overeating?

I was wondering what you might recommend. I have successfully quit drinking using the stop overdrinking program and would like to stop the chatter around food. It seems to be the same as before i quit drinking – lots of thoughts about pizza, pasta, pastries and bread. Ultimately I want to be able to decide on a protocol and stick to it, but because i’m not overweight, nor do i overeat, I use that as an excuse to not stick to my no sugar and flour commitment. I just want to stop the chatter and reduce the desire even though it’s more often than not unanswered and i eat a relatively clean diet(and believe myself to be fat adapted). Do you recommend I do the stop overeating, or stop overdrinking and replace wine with pastries?

I’m not sure if you answered this before, and sending this again makes me feel embarassed that i might have made a mistake and missed it – but as today’s dare to do something uncomfortable – I am resubmitting.

Thanks for everything