Stop Overdrinking

Hi Brooke!
So I’m currently on vacation and I feel this really did it in for me for not wanting to drink anymore. Although I went through your program already amd have cut back my drinking tremendously, I now want to stop all together; however, I can’t totally imagine never drinking in my life again. I know this is totally counterintuitive but how can I convince myself that it’s better not to drink?? I eat pretty healthily and work out 5 days a week. If I decide to allow myself a drink or two a week I feel guilty because I work so hard ro keep in shape. It’s like my brain tells me it’s not worth it anymore to drink because I tend to overeat, of course feel a bit crappy afterwards. I love how I feel when I don’t drink. My mind is clear, I don’t overeat when I don’t drink. I really noticed this trip that although many others of course drink, I saw lots who acted crazy and I don’t want to do that anymore. ( I got sick this vacay from overdrinking and I haven’t been sick in a very very long time) Why am I feeling compelled to drink on vacation? It’s ridiculous because I’m not honouring myself. I really want to stop drinking but need some advice.