Stop Overeating 4/30

Well, I’m not sticking to my protocol. Some of my thoughts around this are that I am not sticking to my protocol because there must be a lesson to be learned from it that I haven’t quite learned yet.

C Did not perfectly stick to protocol
T There must be something I haven’t quite learned yet
F Open and curious
A Think about doing ‘impossible goal’ to come up with ways to lose weight that I haven’t tried, create a feeling of peacefulness within myself that I haven’t “figured this out” yet, accept the thought that I simply haven’t learned all I need to learn in order to stick to protocol, I don’t beat myself up, I clean my house up, I continue to plan meals and protocol without beating myself up. I am open to the lessons that might be presenting themselves to me (Maybe not beating myself up IS the lesson to be learned?)
R I open myself up to learning what I haven’t quite learned yet

So, I think this works for me right now. I’ve been trying to willpower my way into sticking to my protocol, which I can often do. But I am low on self-compassion and self-love, and suspect that the universe just isn’t going to let me stick to my protocol if I don’t do it with compassion and love. So, I continue to be dealt opportunities to have compassion and love for myself when I don’t stick to protocol. I can run with this thought

So, my next question then:

The truth is that I don’t know HOW to get to my goal weight. If I knew how, I would have done it already. I think this is the premise of the Impossible Goal. Of course I don’t know how, if I did, it would be done.

But how does one do the impossible goal for losing 15lbs? I’m not totally sure what the actions would be – isn’t it just make a protocol, stick to it no matter what, and modify as necessary? Maybe I will do a 20 minute coaching call on this.