Stop Overeating and "Basement Guy on Tuesdays" (JennCo)

Hey Brooke. I am simultaneously following the Stop Overeating (OE) and Stop Overdrinking (OD) programs, and I have a question about a difference between the two, re: moderation.

In one of the earlier videos in the OE program, you talk about “Basement Guy” and how getting with him on Tuesdays just keeps him in your life and doesn’t help free you from him. This totally makes sense to me. I see it kind of like picking a scab – just when your body is healing, you are picking the scab and opening up the wound again just a little, slowing or maybe totally stalling the healing process.

In the OD program, your advice to me was to make more regular drink plans with lower amounts of alcohol (I was the “dimples” girl you coached a few weeks ago about my overdrinking – used to drink a bottle of wine about 5 nights a week, and lately I’ve been drinking about 4 nights a week, 2 glasses most of the time, sometimes more if planned).

My questions are: Are these regularly-scheduled drink plans just like my hooking up with Basement Guy a few times a week? If not, how is this different? And why?

I want to go all-in on OE and OD, so I want to be sure I’m understanding these concepts and any potential nuances between the two.

Thanks oodles! See ya in about 7 weeks!!!!!!