Stop overeating day 11/30

Okay, I had a rough day yesterday but I am back.

I have discovered that I wasn’t believing that my WHY was important enough. I have to be honest with myself – my WHY is because I just want to look hot. I want to look hot, and I want to post my (tasteful) and hot pics on social media, and I want to be fully myself. There. I said it. I just want to be hot, I want compliments, I want confidence, I want to walk down the street feeling like DAMN I AM HOT!

C Decided that my reason to get to 118lbs is to be a hottie
T F*ck yes!!! Wanting to be and feel and look hot is a valid reason!
F Super motivated and pumped
A Find a community of like-minded people on Reddit, write out my meal plan, do my hair all cute, buy some nice makeup, put on nicer clothes. I used some crest whitestrips on my teeth and maybe I’ll get a spray tan!
R I start to feel and look hot now

This feels in alignment. It feels so relieving to believe that I can have what I want just because I want it!!

I think since so much of the population is overweight or obese, I’ve been feeling ashamed of my goal being “I want to be hot,” while others are judging me for wanting to be at a weight they think is “too small” (it’s not, it’s right in the middle of my BMI).

I feel a lot of freedom right now! One thing I know I need to be aware of is that I don’t want to slip into calorie counting mode. I just need to lovingly follow the meal plan that I want to follow for life and trust the process.

We’re getting there.