Stop Overeating Masterclass – Hormones

Hi, coaches!
I’m working my way through Month 1 of the Stop Overeating Masterclass, and have been writing down everything I eat and drink, when, and how hungry/full I am before and after, along with other notes about what’s going on when I eat. Today I filled out the Hormonal Biofeedback worksheet, but I’m not sure how to evaluate whether I’ve got issues with leptin, ghrelin or insulin from my what I’ve written. To summarize my responses:
-I notice cravings for salty and sweet processed foods when I’m indulging in overwhelm or stress, starting in the afternoon and into the evening. This occurs daily, and it feels like there’s a “habit” component to it too.
-I feel hungry after a good-sized meal if it’s processed-carb-heavy.
-Yes, no question — I do want to eat carbs quickly as soon as I realize I’m hungry.
-I don’t really feel tired throughout the day, unless I’ve had a markedly poor night’s sleep.
-Yes, I do use food to try to get more energy.

Any insight you can provide would be much appreciated. Also wondering if this is something I can bring to a 20-minute coaching call.
Thanks very much!