Stop Overeating Model 1/30

I’ve seen a couple other people doing a model a day on here, so I’m jumping on the bandwagon. I want to do it with overeating.

C overate
T I don’t want to have to spend the rest of my life trying to lose this weight
F defeated
A spend the night ruminating about how I can fix this issue, listen to podcasts, obsessively check my phone to see if this new guy has texted me back, order a poke bowl, procrastinate writing my paper, take selfies to see if I look fatter, I don’t actually write my meal plan out for tomorrow, I don’t do my laundry, I don’t meditate or journal or reach out to my friends, I continue to obsess about how I can lose weight and why this is so hard
R I spend a shit-ton of time trying to figure out how to lose weight

Okay, so that is clear. I know what I *want* to do tonight is to write out my protocol, finish my paper, and get ready for the week ahead. I do NOT want to be obsessing about my weight. I’ll try to put that in the A line.

C overate
T It makes sense why I overate, I wasn’t prepared and my emotions got the best of me.
F self-compassion
A write my protocol for tomorrow, take a shower, write my paper, finish my business review, put the laundry away. Take care of myself, speak nicely to myself, *don’t beat myself up to death*
R I validate myself, and learn from my mistake.

I also want to feel confident and motivated

T I can lose weight without being a tyrant to myself – nothing has gone wrong here
F Motivated
A Make food plan for tomorrow, prepare for the week, finish paper, finish laundry
R I lose weight without being a tyrant to myself, proving that nothing has gone wrong here.

Another model that’s important is around the thought that “I have complex trauma so I can’t fully feel my feelings so I can’t stop overeating”

T “I have complex trauma so I can’t fully feel my feelings so I can’t stop overeating”
F frustrated
A try to figure out what’s wrong with me, research obsessively how to learn how to feel feelings, buy and read more books, spin around in thought loops wanting to feel like this is possible but totally not feeling like it is
R I continue to complicate things and make it more complex to stop overeating

I want to believe that ANYONE can stop overeating, and that I can do it too

T ANYONE can stop overeating, and I can do it too
F Grounded, stable
A Create protocol and am more gentle with myself and my emotions as they arise, I learn that the only reason I’ve had difficulty experiencing emotions is because I am not self-compassionate, and that I can learn self-compassion through this process, and that self-compassion is the only way to stop overeating
R I stop overeating by utilizing self-compassion

Noting that I do not want to weigh myself tomorrow because I think that I will want to overeat again if I see the damage. I know I’ve given the scale my control, but oh well. I guess an opposing thought is that ‘the number on the scale has no impact on me whatsoever”, but it still does. Maybe that’s a thought I can continue to practice until I believe it, but right now, I definitely don’t believe it.