Stop Overeating Protocol question

I’m going through the Stop Overeating Workshop and naturally my brain is on fire with protest at all of it. I’ve done Bright Line Eating in the past (a very similar approach in some ways), as well as played around with eating “fat-adapted” (a looser variant on Keto), and also tried IF as well. Since I’ve failed at all of these, I’m feeling a lot of heaviness around my ability to succeed at this.

My biggest question right now is with regards to creating a measured-out protocol vs. eating 2 to 2.

In the past, when I’ve done weighing and measuring of foods (as in Bright Line Eating), I found it overrode my ability to listen to satiety signals.
C: prioritizing protocol over body signal
T: THIS is the food you’re allowed, it doesn’t matter if you’re hungry or not or what’s going on. This is your damn eating window and your allowed food, so you better damn well eat IT and eat it NOW. Because the protocol doesn’t allow snacking I must get as full as possible.
F: Frantic and constrained by rules. Stressed.
A: Eating it all no matter how my body feels about it.
R: Overeating; feeling disconnected with my body. Diet mentality.

Is there a way to better allow the protocol to co-exist with hunger signals and a more intuitive approach?