Stop Overeating Workbook

Hi there, it’s my first month of SCS and really enjoying challenging myself and having a focus for change. Still working through long term goals but will get in touch for a 1to1 on that I think. This month’s subject is perfect too, as am moving house next month, so it’s really given me a structure. Thank you.

I’m 12 days into no sugar/no flour and have lost 10lbs which is brilliant. I’m fortunate I don’t have a sweet tooth so minimal cravings. I am surprised I don’t crave wine more though, I was definitely in the habit of one glass too many, especially if it was there – so even more surprised as I’ve had a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc in my fridge for two weeks now!

Although I’ve watched all of the videos for Stop Overeating, and referenced the work book while doing so, I haven’t done any of the exercises yet (trying to get my head around the monthly homework). I noticed you referred to them out of order in the workshop videos. Should we start from front to back, focus on one exercise a day/week? How should we tackle it?

Thanks again!