Stop the self doubt cycle

I am new here… just signed up for scholars this week. I’m trying to understand the model still but think I have enough of an idea to work through a couple thoughts on my own.

When doing my thought download, I noticed my thoughts were consumed with my goals of accomplishing great things/having good intentions, but then I followed with statements of self-doubt which created feelings of fear.

Those feelings and thoughts evolved into remembering past experiences of failure that supported the self-doubt. I’m wondering if you have any advice on how to process this.

Is there anything I have labeled incorrectly in the model?

I don’t like the feeling of self-doubt, and I experienced a lot of resistance with it.

How do I sit with the feeling of doubt even after I’ve acknowledged it?

How do I know when to move on with the intentional thought that I created so I can believe that instead? I’m wanting to process negative emotion but feel myself wanting to move onto something more comfortable.

Here is the model I put together.

Unintentional thought:
C- I enrolled in scholars three days ago
T- I believe this program has the potential to be life changing but I’ve never been able to find self-motivation to stick with something consistently for very long.
F- scared
A- Doubt my capabilities and worry that I’ll let myself and others down by failing to do what I signed up to do. Think about all the things in my life that I’ve started with full-force motivation in the beginning and didn’t stick with for very long.
R- Do nothing

Intentional thought:
C- I enrolled in scholars three days ago
T- I don’t fully understand what is going to be required of me but I know that this work is worth doing even though it might seem hard
F- hopeful
A- Do a model and ask a coach to help me
R- Move forward in trying to figure out how this work is done