Stopped my self

Only in week two of SCS and loving it! I have worked hard my whole life to coach myself and push through my thinking and limitations of my mind, and your teachings are speaking my language. Finding your podcast was a big wake up call to a bunch of sneaky things i was doing to myself that i didn’t even realize, and joining SCS haS given me many tools to help work it out and practice more self coaching.
For example I love to pity party. At this point i think it’s out of habbit and self indulgence, cause my life is pretty awesome.
Today I was doing my thought download and it started with ‘i could do more, who am I do be a person who wants to live as an example? i haven’t achieved my goals yet etc, etc’ and i was like whoaaaa…that’s true but not true. I have achieved more goals in my life than i ever thought possible and yes I still have more goals to achieve, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be an example of what is possible (your purpose resonated with me so much I made it mine :))
I stopped myself and started writing out all the things I did yesterday that was aligned with my purpose. Then I plopped that thought into the thought model and was able to change the thought from ‘Who am I to be an example of what is possible when I have so far to go’ to ‘i trust myself that I will do what it takes to achieve the goals I have’ making me feel way more motivated.


Thank you for the work you’ve put in to your teaching. So happy to be here.