Stopping resistance by turning off the self talk

Hi Brooke,

Are there times where one should just shut down the mind chatter to get to a result? There are several things I want to change, but these things are not based in emotional “baggage”. An example of this is getting up early enough to do my meditation, breath work and journaling. This is my goal this month.

So instead of generating an emotion to fuel an action (i.e. picking a T or an F in the results model), can one just turn the monkey brain off as a strategy? I found that in my past I have been able to tell my brain “shut up, we are doing this!” and it actually works. It feels like determination arises in the moment and the thoughts disappear. There is an element of presence; of being “in the zone” that comes with this.

Alternatively, I can say say to myself “get curious about the feelings as you proceed with x,y,z”. It’s an OK approach when I need to be kind to myself, on more complicated stuff. But I like the directness that the other approach that I described.