Stopping to explore this UM

OK so I did an UM from my TDL this morning:

C: money
T: I’m supposed to stay the good little worker making $24/hour.
F: insignificant
A: I don’t do anything else to make money outside my job. I hope I’ll get a raise.
R: I continue to make $24/hour and nothing more.

I thought I could just jump to an IM but got stuck which makes me think I need to stay with this UM to dig a little deeper.

I want to know more about why I think I need to stay the good little worker making $24/hour. Does it have to do with being an “employee” or a contract worker and not believing I can really run my own business or company? Do I think I really can’t juggle multiple streams of income? Where did this thought come from originally? What are thoughts can I think instead?

What are the results I REALLY want to have? Obviously, I want to make more money, but I want to be more specific when thinking about the results I want to have.

Do you have any other feedback on this UM? Or does anything else stand out to you? Thank you so much!