Stopping too Fast

I just listened to your first call on over drinking and I noticed that several times you point out that it is best to slow down gradually and not stop cold turkey. Well I didn’t know that up front and this is my 4th week of not drinking a bottle of chardonnay every night. I knew I wanted to stop drinking altogether for health reasons and I got very motivated when I started listening to all your videos. I feel I have been allowing the urges and have definitely reached my 100. Although I still get urges they are much shorter and I can actually go into the grocery store and walk down the wine aisle without evening really noticing. This was impossible 1 month ago. I do feel more peaceful and in control than I ever have. I have been over drinking for years and I hated it. I still overeat and need to work on that next…. So my question is, now that I have stopped altogether I am concerned about a relapse since I didn’t reprogram my brain by slowing down before stopping. What suggestions can you give me so I know I am not just working off willpower? Thank you!