Stories about mom

Hi coaches,

I saw a model tonight and wanted to share:

C: mom says words
T: She only tells the same 10 stories
F: annoyed
A: say “yeah yeah”, rush her along, am short in my responses, disengage because I tell myself I’ve heard this all before, don’t offer other conversation topics because I’m too preoccupied thinking about how annoyed with her I am, think of all the other stories I’ve heard her tell before, don’t stay present.
R: I only tell the same old story about her.

It’s possible to think lots of other things, like:
I’ve heard this before and that’s ok.
Nothing’s gone wrong here.
I can ask a new question if I want a new story.
I’m learning to enjoy time with my mom, and that includes old and new stories.

I really want to tell a new story about her (and myself) and yet I’m so attached to the old one…I’m only now seeing that it’s all really just a set of thoughts, and we all hold onto the same ones, mostly unconsciously.
…I’m getting there…