Story Fondling around my health

Hi Brooke
I listened to call and totally relate to Hannah. I have paused it to write this before I lose my nerve so I don’t know what happened yet!

I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer 4 years ago at 44yo. Having had a career actually working for a world renowned breast cancer researcher I was fortunate enough to have access to sophisticated genomic testing on my specimen. The report was so crucial it changed my chemo at the last minute, as the original plan wasn’t going to work. I read the report which is riddled with “poor prognosis.” I pushed through the whole thing, still worked my stressful job, still worked out, didn’t really give myself a break. I was furious that I got sick (and still am as it put me in menopause, destroyed my little remaining self esteem, pissed me off). I am a Science of Mind Practitioner so I also blamed myself for this. I don’t want to be a story fondler but I get tripped up by this sometimes, as I’m not the driven, ambitious career woman I used to be and it upsets me. Time for some thought downloading because I’ve not done one around this because I always push it out of my mind. So I just answered part of my question. Model! Model!

Mary Jo