Strange to be at peace


When I am content, at peace, in the moment, it’s this nowness that is so beautiful but also seems to eliminate the need for MASSIVE ACTION in my life. I have felt in the past taking massive action was the result of wanting and needing change. I still want change, still know that I am made for more than how I am presently living but because of this peace, I am great with everything now and not really worrying or reaching for my future like I have in the past.

My worry brain is telling me I should be doing more but my peaceful self is like…everything is how is should be, rest in that, change will come in its own time.

I’m checking in to ask….should I seriously be doing more with all the time and space right now?! I am currently unemployed (Covid19), am about to move out of my place in the next 2 months…maybe ?(Covid19) and have no idea what is next. I’m blissing out in my beautiful home, all the time in the world with myself, safe, healthy and doing NO seeking for my future other than cleaning up my thoughts and observing my feelings. Even financially I’ve lost over $30,000 in investments and I’m like…that’s fine, nothing I can do..I have enough money for the next while and I’m healthy now.

WOW- It is almost culturally unusual / unacceptable to not be stressed about SOMETHING.