Streaming / Recording Modelthon

Hi Brooke, I am a VIP (yay me!!) and two of many areas I have experienced growth in are that I am my best cheerleader, which includes how important it is to celebrate all size and types of accomplishments, and the second is confidence in asking questions without concern for whether they are worded “perfectly” or fear of the answer.

This is my first Ask Brooke question; though know it will be the first of many:))

I would love the opportunity to participate in the Modelthon via live streaming and have a recording available afterwards to “practice and repeat” (words borrowed from today’s “Life Coach Friday and Mastery” email). Would either or both be a possibility for the one scheduled in January or the following one?

Thanks for being you and all that you share. It has helped me tremendously on my life journey to becoming my best self!

Fondly, a Self Coaching Scholar VIP work in progress:)