Strengths and Weaknesses

I’m working on my self-assessment for my annual review at my corporate job, and I need to fill out a section on stengths and weaknesses based on an assessment everyone at the company takes. I’m using data from a survey I completed 3 years ago (pre SCS), but re-reading the results now still aligns to my current thoughts pretty accurately.

What do you think about the concept of strengthening your strengths, instead spending time to improve weaknesses? That’s mostly what we discuss at work as the best method, but as I read my results, none of my “strengths” are in line with the goals I now have for my life. I’m going to coach training in August, and I plan to start my own business and take more action in my life overall.

My strengths in this assessment are very focused on being a good supporter and team player, but not driving anything. Which is in line with how my corporate career has gone to this point.

As I read the results of this survey 3 years later, I’m realizing that these results are just a reflection of my thoughts about myself at the time. So I now understand I can change those thoughts (and feelings, and actions and results…). When I look at my previously identified strengths, I’m not finding the right material to build the life I want to have now.

It feels like it would more helpful to identify areas where I’m not performing as desired and work on changing my thoughts there. But I’m trying to find how much is changing my thoughts vs. straight up changing my personality (which seems less likely?). I’ve heard you mention the Hunter and the Farmer concept, and as I read my assessment I couldn’t help thinking… uh-oh… I’m a farmer… I have no doubt I’ll be a good coach, I take on that role naturally in my life in a lot of ways. But a business owner (hunter), maybe not. Is it a matter of changing my thoughts? Or is a matter of finding my strengths and going after those in a huge way?