So I have to do writing work at my job. But I tend to avoid the work by buffering through watching scholar videos, scrolling social media, distracting myself, and then laying under my blanket.

So the emotion I tend to avoid is the feeling of stressed, frustrated and tensed. Whenever I feel stressed, I just want to avoid writing and go do something else or lay on bed because it gives me some form of relief.

But the feeling of stress is hard to manage. Not hard but it makes my head got heavy and tensed. I only get the feeling of not wanting to work.

I feel like if I was not feeling stressed and tensed while working, I would finish the writing and not have to procrastinate it or delay it because then I feel bad for avoiding the work.

How do I deal with the feeling of stress and frustration and tensed when I feel it in my face and in my head getting hot.