I’m sitting here in the hospital. I could have died yesterday all because I carry around such large amounts of stress in my brain that I don’t even know it and don’t live in the present. My brain was so full of sentences that I was swirling and I grabbed my night time medicine which I take a lot of, but it was the wrong medicine, which I do take a lot of. It wasn’t until I’d taken all my pills but one, that I recognized I’d taken the wrong ones. I had to call poison control and ended up in the ER with terrible life threatening issues. So… I realized this experience was a sign that I am not in present time consciousness, and that is expressly dangerous. I am so used to carrying a brain load of unserving sentences of worry, blame, perfection, shame, guilt, codependency etc that I don’t even realize Im carrying all that around until I’m not even using my brain and something tragic happens. I know a lot about the model from Jody but Im obviously in need of assistance. Where do I even start enlightning my brain and focusing on the present task. I live in constant stress from my over abundance of incorrect thoughts. Thanks for the help!