Stress from not sticking to schedule


I have been planning out my days and throwing away my to-do list as Brooke says and I have been, on average, fairly consistent. However, there are days, I would say 3 days out of the month when I don’t stick to the schedule. I’ll miss a workout period. Or wake up an hour later than planned. On those days, I become split between thoughts like: “I’m losing it. The schedule is too hard.” and “I’m going to allow myself to feel stressed over it, and try again tomorrow” and “Maybe I need to readjust my schedule to adapt to me, vs having a schedule to adapt to”.

I’m starting to have stress dreams about keeping to my schedule. I just don’t want to beat myself up over not following my plan a couple days here and there, as long as I’m improving. But I feel like I’m failing an assignment or something.

How should I think about not sticking to my schedule from time to time? Should I take it as a sign that something is wrong?