Stressing about my new story

I have been working on my new story and I am feeling very stressed out. I have only managed to fill about 3 pages and I am starting to repeat myself. I don’t think I can fill in all 7 pages because I don’t have many goals that I want to achieve and I can sum up all that I want in one sentence. My main goal is to overcome my limiting beliefs and approach life with curiosity rather than with a sense of lack and scarcity. I tried to structure my writing by allocating a page for each of the questions, so I switch between pages working on multiple questions at the same time. But it’s not really working because I feel anxious and most of what I’ve written doesn’t sound true to me. No fun, no joy in the process, just tormenting myself with the questions why I can’t do this right and why I don’t know what I want. I feel that I am failing at this.