Strike ready

I am on a committee that is helping to negotiate a union contract. The biggest complaint amongst my co-workers is, “I might get fired and the union hasn’t done anything for me.” Getting fired is not going to stop me from striking. But I realize that’s my model, not theirs.

I am responsible for the “call to action” in a zoom meeting with others in my profession this week. Meaning I will be asking others to strike with me. I am having way too many thoughts. Number one, I am all for striking and don’t want to show up as too pushy or worse wishy-washy with co-workers with doubts or express distrust of the union.

Unintentional model
C meeting with social workers to announce upcoming strike vote
T I need to be prepared for people who are afraid of retaliation
F nervous, unsure
A call or speak to co-workers to encourage them to come to meeting & be ready to strike
Not doing – going over new contract developments
Talking to people who don’t work nearby
R I feel unsure and rehearsed

C meeting with co-workers to announce
T –
F excited
A – talk to co-workers one to one
R I feel excited & confident to ask my coworkers to strike for better conditions & pay

Can you help me get some perspective or guidance on how to get to a positive result?