Strong commitments in some areas, but not in others?

Hi Brooke! I am struggling with understand why I am fully committed to some areas of my life and not others. Specifically, I am successful at work, I am successful at making additional income at work, I have a happy family life and I am overweight. I have committed to honoring my commitments in every area except for the one that is just for me. I have been thinking about a couple of things you have said. One is that in order to meet a commitment, you make it a non-negotiable. So, as a watcher, I am fascinated to see that I will literally do whatever it takes to be successful at work; without regard to how it impacts my life. I am committed and I will make it happen. I feel the same about my family. But I start thinking about meal planning, and I freak out. I am feeling really good with the intermittent fasting and I know that I have issues with my blood sugar, so I am sure it is hormonally supportive. But, I wonder how much of it is just relief from not having to think about what to eat? I would love your insights, Brooke!

Thank you,