Struggeling with R line of intentional model

After my thought download I ran a model on my thought “there’s too much to get done”. This is what I got:

C: I have two books and two courses on my to-do list
T: there’s too much to get done
F: overwhelm and chaos
A: start and stop on chapters, buffer (mainly with food), talk myself down, don’t take any time to actually read any of it properly
R: I don’t get anything done

But here is where I get into trouble. I want to make an intentional model, I just don’t seem clear on what the result should be. Do I put both books and both courses in one R-line? Or do I do all of them separately? I tried both ways, but they just didn’t feel right. Maybe those things actually go in the A-line of a model where the R-line is completely different? I’m a bit lost here it seems