Struggle with the Result line

Hi Brooke, I had a model I’d love help with. How do I see what result this will create that proves the thought when the thought is about a potential future fear?

C- I’m a baby sitter and the child was in afterschool care for half an hour. I couldn’t find her.
T- I will get into trouble and lose my job
F- Worried
A- snap at the kids, hurry them to do things like their homework
R- ????????

And another one

C- The teacher didn’t recognise me that I’m there to pick up the child
T- the mother will think that I was late that why she needs to pay extra for the half an hr after school care
F- angry at the teacher, feel worthless because the teacher didn’t recognise me
A- talk badly about the teacher
R- ??????

C- Moving house
T- no1 will help unless I make a big deal out of it
F- hopeless, helpless, unworthy for being helped and noticed
A- cry, acting withdrawn and passive
R- ??????