Struggle to differentiate "listening to myself" and "not sticking to plan"

Hi there,

This morning I wrote
T : I want to spontaneously do what is right for me
F : Doubtful
A : Thinking about what is right and wrong, compare myself to other, questioning choice I make,
R : Don’t know what is right or wrong, more doubt

I have not yet found an alternative thought, can you help ?

This is regarding to having a healthy lifestyle – I eat better food, buffer a lot less, exercise and enjoy it – I’m learning to love and respect my body and my mind and I sometimes struggle to differentiate “listening to myself” and “not sticking to plan” – This is specifically around food and sport

Example with food :
I always think I buffer if I don’t stick to plan but can I simply decide that I’m not buffering and that I’m listening to my body ? (I’m doing IF, no snacking, no sugar no flour for a while now without any problem so I can trust my hunger) After meals I sometimes want “a little something more” , I feel “still hungry” , I go for one corn cake or 4 5 almonds or nuts with my coffee, I ask myself if I like my reasons for not doing it, answers is yes – I eat them and then I start thinking “maybe I shouldn’t have eaten them, it was not written on my plan, see you are buffering” etc …
Do you recommend working on including this into meal plan as “extra if I feel like it” or “do it and not call it buffering” or any other options ?

Example with sport:
I plan on doing 30 min to 1h yoga everyday, yesterday’s session was pretty hard and this morning my shoulder hurt, I’m not doing my yoga class, I ask myself if I like my reasons for not doing it, answers is yes – I don’t do it and then then 2/3 hours later I start thinking “maybe I could have done it” etc …
What should I do when these thoughts come up in my head ? Allow them and say “yes maybe, but you have made your decision, move on” its the “move on” part I’m struggling with …