Struggle with self-blame and self-criticism

Thank you Brooke and team for sharing all of your amazing tools, support and content. I am brand new to SCS after listening to Brooke’s podcast for the past few years. (SO AWESOME). Although I have a successful career as an architect, have been sober 8 years, and have two amazing teenagers and great family and friends…my lifelong struggle (I am 49) has been with self blame, self criticism and shame. I take minor situations and blow them out of proportion in my mind…fearing people are mad at me, or judge me, and are talking about me behind my back. It feels like fear of abandonment. It’s painful. I only share these thoughts with a few select people.
Part of my brain knows there is little danger and I am creating the drama/fear/negativity. The other part of my brain still feels the fear in a strong palpable way.
I have started doing thought work every day, and have committed to do journaling every day for one year. I am doing the model on a regular basis. I am planning to have thought management be my focus for April and to PLAN in time for this work.
Please let me know if you have recommendations. I AM IN. I am ready to take massive action.