Struggling with SCS and focus

I’m feeling a bit frustrated and disappointed in myself. This is because I am doing too much dabbling and consuming with SCS instead of picking one thing and committing. No area of my life feels terrible – but I want to improve them all. For example: I have a decent job, but I want to try my hand at being an entrepreneur; I pretty happy with my weight, but could loose a few pounds and adapt a protocol that prevents my typical 5 pound swing; I generally don’t over drink but am intrigued with better thought around when I do drink and maybe stopping all together; etc. This is my 4th month and I’m seeing a pattern of starting my work book and homework strong, but sort of petering out by the end of the month. Here’s the model I struggled with this morning. I originally had “dabbling and consuming” as my thought, because that is what I woke up thinking, but then wondered if that is actually my action? So I’m not sure what my thought is that is driving this.

C: SCS / my life
T: ?? Yet another program/process I’m trying that isn’t working for me. I don’t apply myself.
F: disappointed/frustrated
A: too much dabbling and consuming, not enough applying myself
R: no measurable growth/results

C: SCS / my life
F: Focused, committed
A: daily action
R: measurable results

I’m searching for a thought that will help me focus in on one area and accomplish something before moving into the next area. I find myself wanting to try and pick the area of the “quickest fix” so I can move onto the next thing. Becoming an entrepreneur, for example, feels like it will be a long process. So I worry about when I’ll be able to start looking at my eating and drinking, etc. Clearly I have work to do! I can see all of this logically, but am still struggling. My compelling reason is the desire to evolve into a more joyful, easeful version of myself. Thanks for your insight.