Struggling to Answer "Ask A Coach" questions

I’m a certified Life Coach and I’m trying to practice my coaching by reading the Ask A Coach questions and trying to answer the question before I read the actual answer that the coach gives. I do struggle with answering them and often just end up reading the answer before I even try answering them and then I get annoyed with myself as I think I’ve never get better at coaching if I keep doing that! The problem is when I read the coaches answers and either they’re not similar to my answers or if I haven’t tried to answer them because I’m not sure how, I’m making it mean something terrible about me and my abilities. I want to use this practice to boost my coaching skills but unfortunately I just end up using it against me!

C. Answering Ask a Coach questions to improve my coaching skills
T. It just highlights how much I don’t know
F. Shame
A. Often just read the coaches answer before I try to answer the question myself/keep skipping to the topics that I think I might be able to answer/judge myself when I can’t answer them/spiral on negative thoughts about never being good enough.
R. I don’t learn from the exercise
I can see how doing this exercise of answering the questions could really help me with my coaching skills especially as I’m not inundated with clients at the moment and therefore not getting much coaching practice but how can I start actually doing it properly and not using it against myself? I’m struggling with my intentional thoughts here! thank you