Struggling to decide on 1 Impossible Goal

I am new to Scholars and am trying to decide on my Impossible Goal. I have a lot of goals that I would like to achieve – weight & health; business revenue/profit; a clean & organized house; personal debt & finances; relationships; building a new house, etc. Some of these seem possible if I do the work, some I can push to Impossible (such as revenue/profit). Some are motivating and exciting, some are scary but totally necessary (taxes). I am leaning towards Building the new house because that one is really big, seems Impossible but exciting but there are so many of the other goals that would need to be achieved in order to make this a reality (such as increased business profit, paying off debt, getting finances in order, getting taxes filed and paid, getting current home clean and ready to sell, etc.). I am not sure if I should concentrate on one of these smaller goals or if the bigger one that encompasses the smaller ones is the right way to go. Still trying to understand the concept in order to apply it properly. PLEASE HELP!