Struggling to enjoy planned leisure time

Hi coaches

I have been working on following my schedule no matter what and am seeing improvements.

I schedule downtime but I’m struggling to ‘enjoy’ it.

C scheduled down time
T I should be doing something more productive
F Restless
A Don’t settle into ‘down-time’ activities I would / planned to enjoy such as reading, walking for fun, ruminate over other things I should be doing, distract self on the internet instead
R do nothing ‘productive’

I have big plans for my business and think I should be working on that instead as ‘extra’ because that will get me there ‘faster’

I want to enjoy leisure time but am struggling to find an IM which works, as the constant thought like the one above, or another favourite: that doing something more productive is a better use of my time
feels very true and ‘the right thing’

Can you help?