Struggling to feel better in this relationship

Hi, I’m married and have a 2-year-old son. My husband gets easily overwhelmed by the organization and the tasks we need to do for our house and child. He does not anticipate tasks. He complains a lot about being tired. Now, I really believe that he gets physically tired more than me, and this thought helped me accept what is, but now I feel that I have no admiration for him.
In addition to that, when I discuss with him about profound subjects, I find his answers not logical, not smart, so I don’t feel like opening debates with him anymore. I understood that he has similar issues at work with his colleagues, and this is moving my thoughts about him from T line to C line. I know this is a lot of thoughts. If I choose the most painful, it would be :
C1- I open a discussion and share an idea. He asks a question that makes me realize that he did not really understand my idea / He does not anticipate tasks and consequences.
T- I don’t admire him
F- Disregard for him / boredom
A- Avoid speaking with him
R- Disconnection
I would appreciate your ideas to feel better in this relationship, because I don’t feel like leaving. I want to try finding a better way to be with him.