Struggling to Make a Decision

This “dilemma” will sound so ridiculous that I’m embarrassed to even be asking, but here goes:

I bought a fixer-upper two years ago, with money set aside to make the needed changes. I made the necessary fixes, like dealing with a water-logged basement; but now I’m faced with the really expensive (and more appealing) work, like re-doing the kitchen, adding a porch & maybe a pool, etc and I’m paralyzed.

Two years have passed and I can’t decide what to do first and am worried that if I make one change I’ll later regret it when I move on to something else.

If I had a billion dollars, I’d just hire an architect to plan it all at once, but I don’t.

Part of the issue is also that, even though I bought a cheaper house than I’d planned on, intending to do the repairs, a part of me always thinks “I should be investing that money instead.” I did this with my last house too…wavered on making expensive changes until I just gave up and did nothing.

What thought should I be using to guide my decisions?