Struggling to manage mind around a potential diagnosis amidst the Coronavirus crisis!

I found a mole that has rapidly changed in size, colour, shape, appearance…etc. I saw my GP this week, and he has referred me to a specialist to get it looked at and potentially removed, as it could be skin cancer.
I know from reading various things, that it is super important to catch these things early and get them treated, to prevent them progressing to more serious issues later. But we have just gone into Lockdown here due to the Coronavirus, and all clinics are closing, all outpatient procedures are being cancelled, and no-one is available to see me, or book me in.
I keep having a barrage of thoughts – ‘This is such bad timing’, ‘I won’t be seen for months and months’, ‘the UK healthcare system is poor at the best of times, and now there will be an even bigger backlog of patients, that I will be at the end of’, and ultimately ‘if I don’t get this taken off quickly, it is likely to spread and I might die from skin cancer in less than five years’.
This thought makes me feel absolutely terrified/panic stricken. I am stressing out majorly – feel huge levels of anxiety and stress, I can’t sleep, and get very upset about it.
I am frantically ringing various places to see if I can still be seen or booked in and am getting no-where. I am looking for information on the internet that tells me that it may not be that serious, and it doesn’t need to be seen right away in order to count as early treatment, so that I can try to calm myself down, but everywhere I look I find more terrifying information about how I should be seen as quickly as possible, and how Coronavirus might last for months and months, reinforcing the thought that I won’t get it taken off quickly and it will turn more serious…
I know that these thoughts were initially helpful in order to get me to take action on getting a referral in the system at least, but now they are causing me nothing but distress, panic, upset, stress, worry, and it is out of my control how quickly I get seen and treated. I am massively struggling with coming to terms with being where I am at, and want to believe better thoughts like – ‘it may not be that serious’, ‘I will get seen in time’, ‘as soon as they have the virus spread undercontrol, they will start reopening clinics and it will be in time to catch this’…but I don’t believe it and feel no relief when I think these. And I am struggling to come up with better thoughts than these. Please help!