Struggling with a model


I listened to the podcast “when something sucks” to try to help me out of my despair about my divorce.
But I’m having a hard time doing the second model Brooke talks about, the intentional one, to try and see things positively. I’ve been listing everything that could be good after this, and I accept and be curious of my emotions day by day (and God knows there are a lot of them). But the model thing, I drown… Can you help me?
Thank you very much.

C – My husband doesn’t love me anymore.
T – I want to die, I can’t live without him and without our family/kids all together.
F – Despair… panic, sadness, tremendous pain.
A – Thinking about it all the time, crying, spinning, obsessing about it, working less, eating less, doing less sports, seeing everything through this angle, thinking about everything through it, comparing everything with “before”, talking about it to my friends, having less patience with my children, finding everything horrible and unbearable without him, crying crying crying…
A – Worse.

C – My husband doesn’t love me anymore.
T – ?!
F – Peace. ??!!
A – ?!
R – ?!