Struggling with acceptance

I’ve been struggling with a health issue. I’ve been experiencing this itchy rash which has persisted for a few months. I have seen my dermatologist several times, am on medication etc. They think it will eventually go away but for now I am very uncomfortable with itching. I’m trying to accept the situation but this is hard for me because I”m so miserable. I feel helpless and I’m buffering with food to comfort myself, and gaining weight as a result, and it’s compounding my misery. I feel like I just need this to go away so I can get on with my life. My husband says I am distant and distracted (I am), and I feel bad about that too.

C: Itchy rash
T I just need this to go away so I can feel better
F: Helpless
A: Fixate on it, do internet searches looking for help, miss out on joy in other things because I’m too distracted
R: I feel terrible

Intentional model
C: Itchy rash
T: I can accept this for today
F: ? (thought doesn’t really feel true to me)

Please help!