Struggling with boredom and anxiety at work

Hi I find myself often experiencing the same thoughts and feelings when I’m at work. I have changed job paths several times and I find that I often end up feeling bored and thinking that I am unfulfilled by the work that I am doing.
I am trying to do models on this at the moment, here are a couple:

C- I have a job that I spend 24 hours at a week.
T- It is often too quiet/not exciting at all
F- Boredom/anxiety
A- Overthink, project myself into other careers, jobs, situations
R- Feel more anxious and uncertain/less interested in current job and field of work

C- Bored at work
T- I would get bored in any job so no point changing
F- Anxious
A- Ruminate on what I want “to do with my life”, don’t take action, go to work, feel a decreasing lack of interest in current job etc.
R- feel a decreasing lack of interest in current job etc. Feel less happy and more uncertain.

Could you help me with these models? I would like to create an intentional model that feels neutral or positive but I’m kind of stuck in the mental rut of worrying about the boredom. My brain seems to be really focused in on the negative so having a hard time finding the neutral thoughts when it comes to work.