Struggling with decision to stay or go

I’ve been dating a man who I love for 9 months. Right now we only see each other every other weekend due to both of our custody schedules. We talk every single night. We have an amazing relationship. But quite some time I’ve wanted to progress our relationship to meeting each other’s kids and spending time together on the weekends when we both have our respective kids (7 in total!). He is unwilling to do this because he feels it’s too much upheaval for his kids (his kids are in a difficult family situation and custody battle). He’s also unwilling to meet my kids because he thinks it will be traumatic for them even though I’ve told him I think they’ll be ok.

I don’t see this changing any time soon.

I’m so torn – I keep asking myself if I could be happy with the status quo. I realize I can’t change him.

Unintentional model
C – J
T – I want more from a relationship and I need to leave this one.
F – sad
A – cry
R – Do nothing

Intentional model
C – J
T – I love him and we have an amazing relationship
F – Love
A – Stay
R – Feel conflicted all over again tomorrow

Neither one of these models is helping me decide. Help! Where am I going wrong?